The Basics For Using Soundcloud

 We still have some vacation days left, and finally, you have time to do some activities that you might not have done otherwise or would like to try. Did you come up with, for example … streaming and trying your luck making your own audio files popular?

Whether you want to sing, express your opinion, play an instrument, tell a story or any other activity, you can start doing it this vacation. You may even find a new hobby, and this activity will serve you both in your personal and professional life.

  1. Sign up. Go to click on the orange button that says “Sign up” in the upper right corner of the screen. A pop-up screen will open in which three options will appear to register: with Facebook, Google+ or your e-mail. Don’t forget to accept the contract terms. Subsequently, you must complete your profile choosing your preferences and other peculiarities. Finally, verify your account with your e-mail.
  2. Add music to your stream. Click on “Upload” and choose one of the two options:
  • Upload one of my files (You can choose between any of these formats: AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR and WMA).
  • Make a new recording (with the microphone built into your computer).
  1. Give visibility. Be sure to tag this file; Add illustrations and interact with as many people as possible. This will make more people find you on Soundcloud.

Likewise, we suggest adding a title and a small description to your audio, as well as placing it in one of the many categories of the platform. You can also configure download options.

  1. Do not abuse. Everyone decides what to share on their social networks, however, and if you want more people to be interested in your files, we recommend you only upload the best of your collection after a personal selection and polishing process.

Make sure that your content can be easily shared (if you do not want it to be so, we recommend you not to make it public) and keep your followers interested with new material whenever possible (a weekly or biweekly frequency is suggested).

  1. Use your Smartphone. Soundcloud also operates with your mobile phone and iPad (just remember to download the application). The recording function on the iPhone, iPad and Android is ideal for creating simple audios and uploading them to your network. Ideal for posting in real-time.
  2. Make it dynamic. Create a Dropbox where your audience can leave messages recorded by themselves. You can later highlight the ones you liked the most, and with that, you can become more dynamic and sociable on this platform. Ideal for feedback if what you want is to know the opinion of your lively listening
  3. Integrate Soundcloud with the rest of your social networks. If you are connected to this platform through your Facebook account, everything you do on the SoundCloud platform will be shared on your profile. You can also insert any of the widgets to your website or generate a code to upload the audio to WordPress; SoundCloud allows you to choose between three colours and different widget sizes.
  4. Don’t forget to share. With Soundcloud you can not only share your audios, but the people you follow. If you think what you have heard is worth it, give it “repost” and share it with your friends and followers. Use the “Search and explore” option to find other amazing audios.

Would you like to try SoundCloud and share your products? In this platform, you can find everything, and you can move in the middle to the step you like. It’s just a matter of trying.

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